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That Brother of Mine

February 6, 2012 Shem Radzikowski No Comments

Cut of same bone and flesh and more, we share the same height and profile and jaw. Deep brown, silent and warm, his eyes mirror that of my own.

We see the world in similar hues, its people and life and television news. We share good times and bad and sometimes even cry, we make the most of moments gone by.

I hear stories of feuds and generations at war, of those in exile or bitterly mourned. What dark logic makes it so, why must a mother from babe be torn?

Perhaps I’m too old and reminiscent this day, but I care not at all, for solving their pain. Time marches on, it keeps to a beat, the world has gone crazy and its people are sick.

This brotherly love, what is it in fact, an everlasting bond that binds like a pact? We laugh and jest, and devour life whole, our thoughts in sync, sometimes wickedly so.

Young and frail, once upon a time, with age came wisdom, and strength of a kind. Eye to eye now, we stand and be, the age gap has closed and our minds run free.

He’s fought his battles, been wounded too, Cupid’s arrow ran through and through. Witches and whores, let him be, he deserves a break, can you not see?

How could you hurt him, that brother of mine, an adventurous boy, maybe more than I. The spark is now back and again his eyes smile, life moving forward, up in the sky.

Be safe on your travels and forever fly high, we’re continents apart but always close by. Enjoy the splendid ride, it’s what you love, whenever I can, I’ll join up above.

A dreamer, a lover, gentle and kind, a friend and a shoulder, forever mine.

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